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Bilashaka flowers 

At Bilashaka Flowers we produce roses, cuttings and tomatoseeds. For this we have 48 hectares of greenhouses. We provide a daily income for more than 800 people.

Farmtour Lake Naivasha

Since the start of the farm we have always worked with the best interest for our workers, the environment and the local community. This was rewarded with getting the fairtrade label in 2013.

Farmtour Lake Naivasha
Lake Naivasha St. Andrews

We support the local secondary school by paying some of the teachers salaries and by helping in building classrooms. Another thing we support is the local clinic. This clinic is run by the local farms and not only helps our workers, but the whole community on North Lake Road benefits from this clinic. Both the school and the clinic can be visited during your stay here.

North Lake Harambee Dispensary

Book a farm tour 

For guests staying at the lodge, we can organise a farm tour to get a peek behind the scenes. The tour will take you to the greenhouses, we will show you how we prepare the roses for their journey to Europe and you will see the solar panels that we use to heat the greenhouses. At the end of the tour you can choose a bunch of roses to take home with you. We ask 500 Ksh per person for the farm tour. 

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