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Bilashaka Lodge is the perfect place to spend a (long) weekend, with more than enough to keep you entertained in and around the lodge. 

Swimming pool 

On warm days you can take a dip in the solar heated pool. You might be watched by some monkeys or a zebra might come over and have a little zip of water.

farm tour 

If you have always wanted to know how the Dutch grow their roses, it is a good idea to take a farm tour. In about 1 – 1,5 hour we will tell you all you need to know about growing roses. A farmtour is only possible for guests staying at the lodge.

bird walk

If you love birds, or just want to know a bit more about our feathered friends you came to the right place. Lake Naivasha is home to more than 400 species of birds. Under guidance of a professional birder you can walk around the farm and try to identify all the birds you encounter. Depending on your enthusiasm the birdwalk will take about 1 – 2 hours. We charge 1,000 Ksh per person for the bird walk (only possible when the birdguide is around)

The price for a boat ride depends on the number of people and the duration of the ride.

Entrance to the conservancy will cost $25 (USD) for non residents.

boat trip

There are numerous places to do a boat ride at the lake. It is possible to do a boat ride either on Lake Naivasha or at the smaller lake Olodien. We’d be happy to advise you when you arrive!  


Located about 30 minutes down the road from the lodge you can find Crater Lake. A little gem where you can do a game drive or hike around the lake. Enjoy a drink on the terrace of the restaurant at the lake side.

Mt. longonot

The extinct volcano of Mount Longonot can be seen from our viewpoint. Did you know you can also hike this mountain? The ascend will take about an hour, after you have reached the top you can enjoy the views and if you are up for it, go round the crater rim.

Entrance to the park will cost $26 (USD) for non residents.

day trips

Bilashaka Lodge has a central location to many must see destinations. During your stay here, we can advise you what to do.

Hell's gate

Hell’s Gate National Park is located on the other side of the lake, and is one of the few wildlife parks in Africa which allows you to cycle together with giraffes and buffaloes. Another option is to do a hike through the gorge. Tip: bring a picnic lunch which you can enjoy at one of the nice scenic spots inside the park.

lake Nakuru 

This is a top notch safari at only a two hour driving distance! Lake Nakuru National Park is known for the abundance of rhinos. At the lakeside, you can find large flocks of flamingos. There is also a good chance to spot leopards and lions here. 


Naturewise this is one of the best parks in Kenya and completely different to for example Hell’s Gate or Nakuru. At first it feels like driving through the Scottish highlands, but after you pass a thick bamboo forest the chances are high you will encounter a bush elephant. Aberdares National Park is about a two hour drive from the lodge via a very scenic route.

Entrance to the park will cost $26 (USD) for non residents.

Entrance to the park will cost $60 (USD) for non residents.

Entrance to the park will cost $52 (USD) for non residents.

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